6 Causes of Weight Loss in Men

There are several factors that cause weight loss among men. Some of these reasons include exercise, diet, aging, malnutrition, stress and some diseases. Be sure to determine if the occurrence of weight loss is healthy or not.

Cause #1: Exercise and Diet

The first thing men should do is to eat a healthy and well balanced diet in combination with regular exercise. Men should burn more calories than the amount they are consuming daily. By doing this, they would surely lose weight and become more toned. Men are also required to calculate the amount of their calorie intake and must maintain a consistent workout regimen to burn them out. By doing so, they increase their metabolism and testosterone levels and at the same time burning fat and building lean muscle mass.

Cause #2: Aging

Causes of Weight Loss in MenA man at the age of 30-35 may experience a decrease in their testosterone level which is known as andropause. It is during this time that they can no longer maintain or build muscle mass which can lead to weight loss. Elderly men usually suffer from regress of food consumption as well as skeletal muscle patterns.

Cause #3: Malnutrition

Malnutrition is also associated to excessive weight loss in men. The pounds shed takes place as the malnourished bodies cannibalize themselves through consumption of fat and muscle tissue for their energy.

Cause #4: Stress and Diseases

Men who have poor physical and mental health are also susceptible to weight loss. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal ailments, endocrine disorders and some infections that affect the appetite and digestive system of men. These can all contribute weight loss. Also if they are taking medicines that are prescribed by their doctor, this can also attributed to weight loss as this may affect their digestive system. Depression and surgery may cause men to drop weight too.  Moreover, too much stress from career, family or social life may cause men to shed off pounds.

Cause #5: High Metabolism

There are some men who have higher metabolism and these men burn calories at a higher rate more than an average person. They can also eat more and eat anything they want to and still they do not gain weight. But in some cases, a high metabolism is considered a torment to some men. It is a burden to some men that the habit of consumption of large amount of foods to maintain their weight.

Cause #5: Unidentified Reason

The weight and body of a typical adult to middle-aged men don’t change for years except when he changes his lifestyle. According to Mayo Clinic, sometimes they cannot identify the reason of weight loss that decreases the weight of a man in times that he does not have any intention of slimming down. These unexplained conditions of weight loss of more than 5 per cent of the total body weight may require medical attention.

Exercise, diet, aging and having a high metabolism are considered to be normal causes of weight loss in men.  While the rest of the above mentioned causes may be quite alarming.  If you are bothered about unusual trimming down of your weight, you may consult your physician.

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