5 Factors that Contribute to Sudden Weight Loss in Men

There are many reasons why men lose weight unexpectedly. But if that weight loss comes so sudden or dramatic then this needs attention. So if ever you experience sudden weight loss, go and visit your doctor at once so he can give you proper diagnosis. Here are some tips about the causes of sudden weight loss and what you can do to stop it.Sudden Weight Loss in Men

#1 – Aging

The MayoClinic.com says that as a man gets older, his sense of taste and smell changes. The same is true with medications of some diseases like heart disease which can cause nausea or make foods not good to taste. In some instances, men suffer from general loss of appetite. Make sure then to get enough calories through eating foods that are rich in nutrients and the National Cancer Institute recommends eating foods that you love most on days you’re in good mood. This is to separate foods that are delicious from the side effects of medication.

#2 – Change in Diet

One cause of sudden loss weight is dietary changes. According to MayoClinic.com if you eat less maybe because of stress or you have a busy lifestyle then this cause sudden weight loss. Likewise if you stop eating junk foods then you’ll surely drop in pounds or if you stop eating meat because you switch to a vegan diet, you might lower your calorie intake which can also lead to sudden weight loss. Talking with a dietitian regarding the foods you eat can help to develop healthy eating habits.

#3 – Digestive Disorders

Having a digestive disorder contributes to a sudden weight loss because if you experience this illness, it’s hard to eat a well-balanced diet and nutritious diet. Examples of such disorder are the inflammatory bowel disease like Chrohn’s or colitis and other conditions like celiac disease or ulcers. All of these can lead to sudden weight loss. Both nausea and digestive upset have significant role in loss of appetite thus reduce amount of calorie intake. If you find that eating is not the problem, maybe malabsorption of nutrients is to be blame as noted by the MayoClinic.com which means that you don’t get the right nutrition even if you eat healthily.

#4 – Diseases/Illnesses

Certain diseases or some illnesses can also cause abrupt change of weight. The National Cancer Institute mentioned cancer as the number one disease to cause weight loss due to its symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Such symptoms arise from chemotherapy and emotional stress. Doctors advise the intake of supplements and a very bland diet in order to provide the body with nutrients despite the side effects and complications of cancer.

#5 – Exercise

Increasing your exercise regimen can also lead in sudden weight loss. Take for example you are used to a sedentary life then suddenly you go for a run every morning, the calories burned can shed pounds abruptly. In case this might happen, you can reduce the amount of exercise you do or increase your calorie intake so as to stop your weight loss says MayoClinic.com and this way, it helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Weight loss is a desire of almost everyone but when it happens suddenly, you have to note the factors that lead to the condition.

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