6 Main Causes of Low Male Libido

Low libido is the lack of sexual desire. The usual causes of this condition are medical, psychological and medication but even relationships can cause this problem. Since men are typically described as always desiring for sex, they are not open in discussing about this matter. That’s why it is hard to determine how many men are really suffering from low male libido. You need history and physical examination to know the causes of low male libido and fortunately, there are simple solutions that can be done to solve such condition.

Cause #1: Low Testosterone

Occasionally, men’s bodies stop producing the correct amount of testosterone according to 4 Men’s Health. Testosterone is the one that drives sexual desire among men, so when men have not enough testosterone, they will suffer from low sex drive. To solve this problem, men are often treated with hormone replacement therapy through prescription by a doctor.

Cause #2: Disease

There are certain medical conditions that can affect sex drive among men. It can be because of imbalanced chemical levels or because of pain that causes his loss of sexual desire because of fear making the condition worse. According to 4 Men’s Health, diseases that can lower sexual desire are Parkinson’s disease, anemia, diabetes and heart disease.Causes of Low Male Libido

Cause #3: Depression

According to Net Doctor and 4 Men’s Health, depression is one of the common causes of low sexual desire among men. The reason is that depression affects chemicals in the brain which also affects sex drive. This thing can also cause the person to have low self-esteem and lack of self worth.

Cause #4: Stress

When a person is stressed, this can affect his sexual desire. It’s simply because he is too busy to have sex and he does not have the energy to have one. According to 4 Men’s Health, relationship problems can be a common stressor that can lead to a low libido. Unresolved childhood problems can cause stress also to a man according to Net Doctor.

Cause #5: Drugs and Medications

According to Net Doctor, alcohol use can temporary lower libido. The same is true with the abuse of cocaine which is said to be a factor in men’s sex drive. Prescription drug can be one of the factors also. 4 Men’s Health mentioned antidepressants as a cause of low libido while Net Doctor added Proscar (medicine for prostate) as a cause.

Cause #6: Blood Pressure Medications

Some blood pressure medications that can interfere with erections and ejaculation which result to low libido are beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers.

The treatment of low libido among men depends on the cause. Taking antidepressants, sedatives, pain medication and blood pressure medication may interfere with your desire toward sex. You should take some physical examination to determine the underlying causes of low testosterone levels that can be treated. If they find out no physical causes, then it maybe because of poor communication, anger or other related issues associated with relationship. It is better to consult an expert’s help when it comes to this matter.


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