5 Tips on How to Increase Male Sex Hormone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone which is an essential part of good-body functioning. Not only men require a certain amount of this hormone in their bodies but also women. The presence of this hormone can help with a person’s physical as well as mental development, in handling some illnesses and the body needs testosterone especially for sexual function. The production of testosterone is at its highest peak during adolescence but gradually decreases as one age. In this article you will learn how to maintain the supply of the male sex hormone.

Tip #1: Undergo a Physical CheckupIncrease Male Sex Hormone

First and foremost, go to your doctor and let him check you up physically to determine the amount of this hormone in your body. A hormone test will be done to check if you have normal amount of hormones since a deficiency with this hormone can be a side effect of a certain illness. This can also determine whether you have a healthy pituitary gland, thyroid and endocrine system. Above all, the test can find out the performance of your reproductive system or if there are any issues in your sexual organs which are being affected by low testosterone levels.

Tip #2: Have a Good Diet

Be sure to have healthy and well balanced diet. More proteins and low carbohydrates allow the body to produce more male sex hormones. Consume low amounts of essential fats and refrain from eating foods that are high in carbs and sugars as they suppress the production of testosterone in the body. A good diet include vegetables, chicken, lean meat and water.

Tip #3: Exercise Regularly

Plan a good exercise regimen which can help maintain and increase production of testosterone. Be sure to make your exercise regimen to last from 45-60 minutes a day. Proper amount of exercise can stimulate the glandular system of the body most especially the pituitary gland in order to produce more testosterone.

Tip #4: Get Enough Rest and Sleep

It is when the body is at rest that the endocrine system has time to re-energize. This can also help maintain and increase production of testosterone. According to some studies conducted, a 6-8 hours sleep permits the male body to have continuous healthy levels of testosterone. If you don’t get enough rest and sleep, it can adversely affect your sex hormone production.

Tip #5: Take Supplements

Provacyl is one kind of supplement that can increase production of testosterone in the body. Although supplements are not approved by FDA and results are not guaranteed, why not try to consider taking some if needed.


You should be aware if you have a family history with hormone deficiency. In addition to that, consult your physician first before taking any supplement. There are some chemicals that cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Avoid over-exercising as this may lower your testosterone level. Doing 30-45 minutes a day of exercise is enough.

There are a lot of natural ways to increase the male sex hormone.  Therefore, you no longer need to worry if you have low testosterone because you can do the tips mentioned about to increase its production.

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