Nutrition and Premature Balding – 4 Tips to Solve Hair Loss with Proper Nutrition

Hair loss can affect both men and women. In men, the main cause of premature hair loss is hereditary and nutritional deficiencies. In women, hair loss is hard to diagnose and can be due to some circumstances like hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, menopause or it may cause by parasites. Premature hair loss can be slowed down through adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Tip #1: Consult your Doctor

The first this that you should do at moment you observe that you are experiencing premature hair loss is to consult your doctor for hair analysis. Minerals and amino acids contained in the blood are laid down in the hair as it is formed in the scalp says Janet Zand, OMD and Allan Spreen, MD, authors of Smart Medicine for Healthier Living. This is why a hair analysis is needed to give a clear picture of the blood profile and general health.  Hair analysis can help distinguish toxic metals present in the body or let you know nutritional deficiencies that may be the cause of hair loss.

Tip #2: Change Diet

Nutrition and Premature Balding The American diet is consisted of heavy meat, dairy and sugar. This is the reason why some experts made a link between Western diet and hair loss. Male pattern baldness is also linked to increased testosterone levels during puberty which is caused by a high-fat diet or eating too much animal products. A high fat, meat based diet increases testosterone levels and these cause adverse effects on hair follicles according to Michael A. Klaper, M.D. who is a nutritional medicine specialist in Pompano Beach, Florida, and director of the Institute of Nutritional Education and research. In order to prevent premature balding caused by unhealthy diet, you need to consume fresh and whole natural foods like fruits and vegetables and unprocessed lean meats.  This does not only help in solving the problem on hair loss but it also slows down the aging process and to improve overall health.

Tip #3: Take Probiotics

Sometimes premature hair loss in women is a sign of stomach acids deficiency and the inability to absorb zinc, protein and other nutrients in short the body is encountering some problems in the digestive system. This is according to Dr. Michael A. Klaper. The use of the supplement probiotics like acidophilus aids in strengthening the digestive processes of the body and improve the absorption of nutrients necessary in preventing premature hair loss. The use of probiotics is recommended by Dr. Klaper.

Tip #4: Zinc Supplement

Zinc is an important nutrient needed by the body to process collagen. Insufficiency of this nutrient can cause adverse damage to both hair and the skin. Thinning of the hair or hair loss is a sign of acute zinc deficiency. In addition, it slows down growth and cause dermatitis, brittle nails and dry skin. If these symptoms occur, consider zinc supplement as recommended by Elson M. Haas, MD, and author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition.

Premature balding in both men and women, as seen in this article, may be caused by nutritional deficiencies. So in order to prevent or treat hair loss caused by improper nutrition, you must consult your doctor and ask for a dietary plan that will help you in this ordeal.

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