Top 10 Tips on How to Build Muscles for Older Men

Muscle building is possible regardless of age. Muscle mass plays a great role in controlling overall body weight. If men have more muscles, his body can burn more calories which lead to less body fat. Muscles also protect the bones’, tendons’ and ligaments’ health. Elderly men can build their muscles effectively and safely with the use of a variety of procedures; only they need to have precautions. Here are useful tips on how to build muscles for older men.Build Muscles for Older Men

Tip #1: Go to your doctor.

Before engaging with any exercise program, you must consult your physician first. A thorough check up is needed for the assessment of the overall health of older men especially those with health complications and restrictions.

Tip #2: Weight lifting must be part of the program.

Weight-lifting is necessary in an exercise regimen regardless of age. You can use dumbbells or weight machines to build up muscles.

Tip #3: Warm-up

Try to warm up before exercising. It is better to warm up and have stretching before weight-lifting to prevent fitness related injuries. You can also walk briskly for 5-10 minutes so as to prepare your muscles for the workout. Stretching your muscles fully before and after workout can help prevent injury and increase mobility.

Tip #4: Focus on various body parts.

You have to focus on different areas on each workout. You can concentrate on your upper body alternately with your lower body if you are lifting weights two times a week. If it is done more frequently, body areas can be targeted further. You can also focus on chest and shoulders one day and another day with your legs and abs, then the biceps and triceps on a different day.

Tip #5: Make a plan.

You have to make an exercise plan and you must choose the weights to use. You must complete 10-12 repetitions on each exercise. Expect a feeling of slight strain on the 9th to 11th repetitions. Once your muscles do not feel any strain you can use heavier weights on the 10th to 12th repetitions per exercise.

Tip #6: Stop when pain happens.

If the weight lifting causes you pain you must stop at once. Avoid using weights that are too heavy to lift. Elderly men should take precautions so as to avoid strain or possible tearing of muscles.

Tip #7: Increase weight size gradually.

As muscles get stronger, you can increase weight size gradually. An increase of 5lbs. increments will do.

Tip #8: Rest.

Rest to allow the muscles to heal between workouts. This healing process helps build more muscles. Do not work on the same muscle groups for consecutive 2 days; one muscle group a week is recommended. A longer recovery period is needed for older men. Give your body enough time to completely recover before you exercise the same muscle group.

Tip #9: Include cardio workout in your plan.

Try to include cardiovascular exercise in your daily workouts. A brisk cardio exercise for at least 20 minutes per day makes the heart healthy, tones muscles and can also improve your overall health.

Tip #10: Eat right with the exercise plan.

Eat enough protein that comes from dairy products, meat, nuts, soy, beans and protein shakes. In order to heal and grow, your muscles need protein. Avoid eating fatty foods and too much sugar. A poor diet can interfere in your goal of building more muscles.

These are your top 10 tips to build muscles if you are already in the prime of your life. Remember to consult your doctor first before pushing through with the endeavor.

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