4 Types of Exercises for Male Pectoral Muscles

The strength of the upper body is developed by the increase of the muscle mass in the shoulders and pecs. This development happens when the pectoral muscles are strengthened and defined by different exercises. In order to build muscles, basic exercises in weightlifting are needed to be done. And in order to tone them, a combination of balanced and regular diet and lighter weights is the best program to aid in the speed up of the development. Here are exercises for male pectoral muscles.

#1 – Bench Presses

Bench press is a conventional method in strengthening and building at the same time defines the pectoral areas. In building and strengthening of muscles, begin with a barbell and add weights the same time that there is increased development and strength. A maximum repetition of weight should be consisted in the final set of every workout. In case, the muscle mass is already established and one is aiming to add definition and tone in the pecs, an extensive repetition with the use of barbell however, without the use of increased weight, is to be performed. Exercises for Male Pectoral Muscles

#2 – Cable Exercises

The use of a machine located in the gyms combining levers and pulleys in performing cable exercises helps build up and strengthens body muscles. The most familiar pectoral exercise to males that can be performed using machines is the cable standing fly’s. Begin the exercise by through stationing in between the 2 sides of the machine. Bend the torso forward for 20 degrees at the same time as the knees are being bent in a slight way. The arms are brought down to the front of the chest from the shoulder height. For two seconds, hold it then relax. Complete the exercise by performing it for 20 repetitions.

#3 – Push-ups

Some exercises which are basic can be performed with no exercise machines or any equipment. One of which include the push up exercise. The push up exercise strengthens the pectoral muscles of males as well as the core muscles and upper arms. Push up’s difficulty varies and it depends upon the personal fitness level of the person performing the exercise. Push up using a single arm helps out in isolating one pectoral muscle which allows in the development of muscle in such area in a faster speed. Basic push up may be difficult for some people. One alternative is by performing push-ups on the knees. Such is also capable of strengthening the pectoral muscles.

#4 – Resistance Band Pec Exercises

The use of resistance bands in performing pectoral exercises helps in the strengthening of pectoral muscles resulting to no serious joint and ligament strains within the area. The performer of the exercise lies down on resistance band. It is to be made sure that the band is divided into 2 strips with the back. With both hands, grab each of the band’s ends. Push the band up and away the body, like performing the bench press exercise. Three sets of 10 repetitions are suggested to complete the exercise or repeating it until fatigued. Once improving, the strength of the resistance band should be increased.

If you want to strengthen your pectoral muscles, perform the above exercises. Your pelvis will thank you much for doing so.

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