3 Exercise Tips about Bowflex Routines for Men

Bowflex machines provide 70-95 kinds of exercises that can be used for men in their exercise routines. The home equipments that are sold by Bowflex are excellent tools for building and toning muscles which requires resistance rather than weight. These Bowflex machines are believed to be effective that some of their models are used by several astronauts while in space. Men can use these machines for exercise routines for the upper and lower body, back, abdominals and arms.

Bowflex Exercise Tip for the Upper Body

Bowflex Routines for MenThe Xtreme and Revolution series of the Bowflex are excellent for the upper body workout. Here are some examples of upper-body routine with the use of a Bowflex.

Bench press is the basic Bowflex exercise for the upper body with the use of barbells with long steel bars with including weight plates attached in it. Find the resistance you’re comfortable with and perform 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions. The bench press works on your front shoulders (deltoid) and chest muscles (pectorals). Don’t use too much resistance on the beginning of the bench press. You will achieve better results when you exercise properly. For maximum upper body gain, you can add one of the Bowflex shoulder exercise like the shoulder extension. This can be done by pushing upward against resistance and works with the entire shoulder which includes the anterior, middle and posterior deltoids. You can start with 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Bowflex Exercise Tip for the Lower Body

Squat is the best exercise offered by the Bowflex for the lower body. This can be done by standing with your back straight while gripping the resistance handles at shoulder level. Straight on your back, lower yourself in a sitting position then return to your standing position. Doing 3-4 sets of 10-13 repetitions will be effective for your thigh muscles, lower back, hamstrings and the muscles of your buttocks. The Bowflex also offers leg extensions which are good for your thigh muscles and what is good is you can perform this by sitting down.

Calf raises is another exercise for the lower body. Just keep on sitting while raising your legs against the resistance bars by flexing your calf muscles. Your feet should be flat on the ground as a starting position then they should be on tip-toes when raising your legs. Since the calf muscles get tired easily, doing 2 sets of 15-20 repetitions is good enough.

Bowflex Exercise Tip for the Arms, Abs and Back

The Bowflex recommended doing the biceps curl to increase arm muscle mass and tone. Curl your arms as you hold the resistance bar until your hands hardly touch your shoulders. Keep the rest of your body still so as to isolate that big muscle in the middle of your arm which is the bicep. Performing 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions can be effective for gaining muscles in your arms. You can do triceps extension of same set and equal repetitions.

A tight and defined abs is everyman’s wish. Bowflex offers seated abdominal crunches to tone the abs quickly if you constantly do the workout. This exercise can be done while sitting down. Just curl forward against the resistance with a tight pull in your abdominal muscles. The good thing is you can work with your abs as often as you can and can do as many repetitions as long as you can.

Lateral pull down is for the back. It is done by reaching the wide overhead bar with your hands and pulling it down bringing to your chest or beyond your head. You can do 3-4 sets with 10-12 repetitions can work well with your back.

There are a lot of exercise routines that you can do with the Bowflex. But you should keep in mind that for every work out, give your muscles a day to rest and recover. You should also try to focus on every muscle group at a time or you can work on different groups of muscles on different days for a better result.

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